Rainy Day Fun: Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Your 18-Month-Old

Rainy days can often feel limiting, especially when an energetic 18-month-old toddler is home. Keeping them entertained indoors can be daunting, as their need for exploration and play doesn’t wane with the weather. Finding indoor activities for 18-month-old toddlers that are both engaging and developmental can seem like a tall order.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of creative and simple solutions to turn a dreary day into an opportunity for fun and learning. With activities ranging from sensory play to creative arts, and physical activities designed specifically for little ones, you can transform your living room into a playground of imagination and discovery.

Continue reading to uncover activities for toddlers that will not only entertain your toddler but also support their growth and development. From homemade playdough to indoor obstacle courses, these activities promise to make any rainy day a fun day, teeming with opportunities for engaging play.

Sensory Play

Engaging 18-month-old toddlers in sensory activities is not just about passing time; it’s about developing their young minds and bodies, especially on those rainy days when outdoor activities are not an option. Exploring Edible Finger Paints serves as an excellent way to enhance their creativity while ensuring safety.

Using ingredients found in your kitchen, you can create a palette of edible paints that are not only safe if ingested but also stimulate your toddler’s sensory skills, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. This activity not only fuels their imagination but also introduces concepts of color and texture.

Homemade Playdough Fun

Homemade Playdough Fun is another indoor fun activity that promises entertainment while fostering motor activity development. With simple recipes, you can whip up soft, squishy playdough that can be molded, squashed, and rolled, providing endless hours of creative play.

Incorporating household items like muffin tins, cardboard tubes, and paper plates and constructing pieces of paper can turn playdough time into an immersive experience, enhancing their hand-eye coordination.

Using tools like toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, and cardboard boxes can transform a simple piece of playdough into an adventure, enabling toddlers to discover and learn through tactile feedback and imaginative play.

Both of these activities are perfect for a rainy day, keeping your toddler engaged with interactive sensory activities that are fun and educational. They help in developing crucial skills such as motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity, using everyday household items creatively and safely.

Creative Arts

Moving on to Creative Arts, which is crucial for nurturing a toddler’s imagination and creativity. Crafting with Recyclables is a fantastic way to utilize common household items in artistic endeavors. Material such as toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, cardboard boxes, and paper plates can be transformed into colorful, imaginative art projects.

This not only teaches toddlers about recycling but also enhances their motor activity and hand-eye coordination as they learn to manipulate different textures and shapes.

Making Music with simple, homemade musical instruments is another enriching activity. Using things like a paper towel tube as a trumpet, or creating a drum from an overturned cardboard box and spoons, can introduce toddlers to the joy of music.

This activity fosters motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as young children grasp and use different instruments, enjoying the cause and effect of their actions through sound.

Physical Activities

For Physical Activities, setting up an Indoor Obstacle Course with pillows and soft furniture provides a safe environment for toddlers to crawl, walk, or run through. This not only keeps them physically active but also helps develop their motor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness. Everything from navigating around a pillow to climbing over a cushioned couch arm can be a thrilling adventure for them.

Balloon Tennis is a gentle, indoor-friendly game, ideal for developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Using paper plates taped to sticks (like rulers or unsharpened pencils) as racquets, toddlers can safely bat at balloons. This not only teaches them about movement and balance but also encourages active play without the risk of injury or damaging household items.

These activities, from sensory play to physical movement, offer a comprehensive approach to supporting a toddler’s development on rainy days. They are designed to engage 18-month-olds in a fun, educational manner, turning a day inside into an opportunity for growth and discovery.

Educational Games

Color and Shape Sorting: Turn a dull, rainy day into a vibrant learning session by engaging your toddler in color and shape sorting games. Utilizing everyday household items, such as colorful muffin tins, construction paper, and cardboard tubes, can transform a simple sorting activity into an adventure in learning.

This game not only enhances motor skills and hand-eye coordination but also provides a sensory activity that is both educational and entertaining.

Quiet Time Activities

Puzzles and Board Books: Encourage focus and calm through age-appropriate puzzles and board books. These quiet time activities are perfect for developing your toddler’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination while instilling a love for reading and problem-solving.

Building with Blocks: Utilize blocks, whether they’re fashioned from cardboard boxes or traditional wooden pieces, to boost creativity and motor activity. Building encourages imaginative play and improves both motor skills and eye coordination, making it an essential activity for your 18-month-old.

Story Time with a Twist

Inject excitement into storytime by making it interactive. Using simple household items like paper plates, toilet paper rolls, and pipe cleaners, you can create characters and scenes from the stories. This not only enhances the storytelling experience but also encourages your toddler’s sensory activities and creativity.


Rainy days offer a unique opportunity to engage in indoor activities that are both fun and developmental for your 18-month-old. From creating with playdough, recommended for its easy, safe recipes, to crafting with recyclables, these activities promote motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory development. Cherish these moments spent indoors, knowing that each game and project is contributing to your child’s growth and enjoyment.


What can I do with 18 month old?

  1. Playtime is essential for a toddler’s development, so try to incorporate activities that promote movement and exploration. For instance, you can play with toys that encourage fine motor skills like building blocks or play dough.
  2. Outdoor activities are also great options for 18-month-olds. Take them to a nearby park where they can run around, climb on playground equipment

How do I occupy my toddler indoors?

  • One great way to keep your toddler entertained indoors is through creative play such as building forts or having a tea party.
  • Arts and crafts are also a fun and educational activity for toddlers, allowing them to express their creativity while developing fine motor skills.
  • You can also try setting up an obstacle course or playing interactive games such as Simon Says to keep your toddler active and engage

How do I keep my 18-month-old at home busy?

  • Engage your toddler in simple crafts with large crayons or playdough to spark creativity.
  • Set up a mini obstacle course with pillows and boxes for active play and motor skills development.
  • Introduce age-appropriate puzzles and building blocks to encourage problem-solving and focus.

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