90+ Fun Things to Do at Home With Kindergarteners

Welcome to an exciting collection of over 25 kindergarten activities curated by Busy Toddler! Designed to stimulate young minds and foster creativity, these activities are perfect for keeping little ones engaged and learning.

From hands-on crafts to educational games, each activity is thoughtfully created to support the developmental milestones of kindergartners. Whether you’re a parent or an educator, you’ll find a treasure trove of ideas to make learning both fun and effective. Dive in and discover a world of playful education.

Kindergarten Activities from Busy Toddler

These are the following kindergarten activities that you can play with your children:

DIY Paper

Creating crafts using paper is an accessible and fun way to be creative. Projects range from simple origami to intricate paper sculptures, ensuring there’s something for all skill levels. Not only is DIY paper crafting a great way to unleash your creativity, but it’s also a budget-friendly hobby. With just a few basic supplies, you can create beautiful and unique pieces to decorate your home or give as gifts.

Decoder Wheel

A decoder wheel is a captivating project that can be used for creating and deciphering secret messages. It’s an excellent activity for nurturing a child’s curiosity in codes and ciphers.

Recycled T-Shirt Bracelets

Transform old, unusable t-shirts into stylish bracelets. This eco-friendly project is perfect for teaching kids about recycling while making unique accessories

Worry Monsters

Worry Monsters are adorable and therapeutic crafts that help children manage their anxieties. Kids can write down their worries and “feed” them to their worry monster for a sense of relief.

Fairy House

Constructing a fairy house involves using natural materials like twigs, leaves, and flowers to create a magical dwelling. This project encourages imagination and connection with nature.

Magnetic Race Track

A magnetic race track combines crafting with scientific exploration. Kids can design their racetracks and use magnets to propel their race cars, learning about magnetism along the way.

DIY Sidewalk Chalk

Making your own sidewalk chalk is a fun and simple project that allows kids to create colorful masterpieces outdoors. Customizing the colors and shapes adds a personal touch to their artistic expressions.

Fire-Breathing Dragon

Craft a fire-breathing dragon using simple materials like cardboard, tissue paper, and paint. This imaginative project brings mythical creatures to life, sparking creativity and storytelling.

DIY Paint Brushes

Create unique paintbrushes using everyday objects like sponges, feathers, or twigs. This DIY project encourages kids to experiment with different textures and patterns in their artwork.

Backyard Treasure Hunt

Organize a backyard treasure hunt by hiding items and creating clues. This activity boosts problem-solving skills and adds an adventurous twist to outdoor play.

Bucket-List Wreath

A bucket-list wreath is a visual representation of goals and dreams. Using a circular base, decorate it with items or notes that signify personal aspirations and experiences yet to be had.

Jack and the Beanstalk Activity

Relive the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk with an interactive activity. Plant beans and watch them grow, symbolizing the magical beanstalk from the story, while teaching kids about gardening.

DIY Bath Bombs

Making bath bombs at home is a fragrant and fizzy activity. Using ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils, create personalized bath bombs for a relaxing soak.

Bubble Refill Station

Set up a bubble refill station for endless bubble fun. Design a station with a large container, straws, and solution to keep the bubbles flowing all day long.

Avengers Bookmarks

Craft Avengers-themed bookmarks for the superhero fan. Use cardstock, paint, and markers to create bookmarks featuring popular characters like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

Felt Flower Bouquet

A felt flower bouquet is a charming craft that lasts forever. Cut and assemble felt pieces into colorful flowers, arranging them into a delightful and long-lasting bouquet.

Pool Noodle Pom-Pom Launcher Fight

Create fun pom-pom launchers using pool noodles and balloons. These playful devices provide an exciting way to engage in friendly, safe battles.

Spider Web Search

Design a spider web search game where kids find hidden objects in a web. This activity is perfect for sharpening observation skills and adding a spooky element to playtime.

Bath Paint

Make bath time more fun with DIY bath paints. Using safe ingredients, create mixtures that kids can use to paint on the bathtub walls, washing off easily afterward.

Craft Stick Trivia Game

Construct a trivia game using craft sticks with questions written on them. This engaging activity helps with learning and memory skills while being highly entertaining.

Rainbow Walking

Rainbow walking involves creating a colorful path using sidewalk chalk. Children can hop, skip, and dance along the rainbow, enjoying the vibrant journey.

Backpack Tags

DIY backpack tags help personalize school bags or travel packs. Using materials like laminated paper and markers, make tags that add a personal and creative touch.

Summer Fun Journal

A summer fun journal is a customizable notebook where kids document their summer adventures. Personalize it with stickers, drawings, and entries to cherish summer memories.

Paper House Village

Create a village of tiny houses using paper and cardstock. This project enhances spatial awareness and creativity while constructing miniature structures.

Sensory Sorting

Sensory sorting activities involve categorizing objects based on texture, color, or size. This project is excellent for developing fine motor skills and sensory processing.

Faux Flower Garland

A faux flower garland is an everlasting decoration perfect for parties or room decor. Arrange fake flowers on a string or ribbon to create a beautiful garland.

Melted Pony Bead Wind Chimes

Make wind chimes by melting pony beads in cookie cutters and stringing them together. This colorful project results in delightful hanging decorations.

Fairy Leaf Puppets

Fairy leaf puppets combine natural leaves with creative crafting. Attach leaves to sticks and add drawn faces and accessories for whimsical puppet characters.

Pool Noodle Boats

Crafting boats from pool noodles and sails allows kids to explore water play. These floating creations can be raced in a pool or bathtub.

Colored Salt Art

Colored salt art involves dying salt with food coloring and using it to create vibrant designs. This project is simple yet offers beautiful results.

Marbled Paper

Create marbled paper using shaving cream and food coloring. This project produces stunning, one-of-a-kind designs perfect for cards, bookmarks, or decorations.

Novelty Snow Globes

Design novel snow globes using jars and miniature figures. Add water, glitter, and glycerin for a magical wintery scene that can be enjoyed year-round.

Sensory Bin

A sensory bin filled with various textures and objects offers endless exploratory play. Items like rice, beans, or sand provide a tactile experience to engage the senses.

Orange Peel Bird Feeder

An orange peel bird feeder is an eco-friendly project that supports local wildlife. Hollow out orange halves, fill them with birdseed, and hang them outside for birds to enjoy.

Ice Dye Hoodie

Ice dyeing a hoodie creates unique, colorful patterns. Using ice and fabric dyes, this process results in a one-of-a-kind garment.

Paper Chain Wall Hanging

A paper chain wall hanging is an easy and customizable decoration. Link colorful paper strips to create a decorative piece for any room.

Color Scavenger Hunt

A color scavenger hunt involves finding items of specific colors. This fun activity helps kids learn about colors while enhancing observational skills.

“Space” Crayons

Making “space” crayons by melting down old crayons into new galaxy-themed ones is a fun recycling project. Blend colors to create interstellar designs.

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course using pool noodles. Design various challenges and run through them, promoting physical fitness and fun.

Hanging Jellyfish

Craft hanging jellyfish using ribbons and paper bowls. These whimsical decorations bring a touch of the ocean to any space.

Tattoo-Patterned Planter

Decorate planters with temporary tattoos for a unique and fun design. Add a coat of sealant for long-lasting, personalized planters.

Sock Puppets

Sock puppets are an easy and entertaining craft using simple materials like socks, felt, and googly eyes. Create characters that come to life with endless imagination.

Balloon Animals

Balloon animals are a classic party activity involving twisting balloons into various shapes. This craft requires some practice but results in fun and colorful creations.

Bottle Cap Magnets

Turn bottle caps into magnets by decorating them with paint, stickers, or images. These DIY magnets add a personal touch to any magnetic surface.

Paper Plate Masks

Create masks from paper plates using paint, markers, or other materials. With endless possibilities for designs and characters, this craft offers imaginative play.

Nature Printing

Nature printing involves using natural materials like leaves, flowers, and rocks to create art. Paint or ink the objects and press them onto paper for unique designs.

Glow Stick Lanterns

Glow stick lanterns are easy DIY lanterns made with glow sticks and jars. These fun creations add a spooky element to camping trips or backyard gatherings.

Personalized Pencil Case

Decorate a plain pencil case with paint, fabric markers, or other materials. This project adds a personal touch to school supplies while promoting creativity.

DIY Tic Tac Toe

Make a tic-tac-toe game using painted rocks and a grid drawn on paper or fabric. This craft promotes strategic thinking and problem-solving in a fun and interactive way.

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Tie-dyeing t-shirts with bright colors create unique and funky patterns. Use rubber bands to create different designs and enjoy a personalized piece of clothing.

Lava Lamp Science Experiment

Create a lava lamp using simple materials like water, oil, food coloring, and alka-seltzer tablets. This experiment teaches kids about density and chemical reactions in a visually stimulating way.

Nature Bracelets

Nature bracelets involve creating jewelry with items found in nature, such as flowers, leaves, or shells. This craft promotes outdoor exploration and creativity.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

An outdoor scavenger hunt is a fun activity that involves searching for objects or completing tasks in nature. This activity promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and a love for the outdoors.

Salt Dough Handprint Keepsake

Make a keepsake out of salt dough by imprinting your child’s hand or foot into the dough and baking it to preserve the memory. Decorate with paint or markers for a personalized touch.

Homemade Playdough

Making homemade playdough is a fun and easy project using simple ingredients like flour, salt, and water. Add food coloring or scents for extra sensory stimulation.

Friendship Bracelets

Create friendship bracelets using colorful embroidery thread in various patterns, such as chevron or braids. This craft promotes fine motor skills and encourages giving handmade gifts to friends.

Cardboard Box Creations

Transform cardboard boxes into imaginative creations, such as a car, house, or robot. This craft encourages recycling and creative thinking.

Bubble Painting

Bubble painting involves blowing bubbles onto paper using a straw and food coloring to create colorful designs. This fun art project is perfect for all ages.

DIY Kaleidoscope

Build your own kaleidoscope using simple materials like mirrors and beads. This craft promotes an appreciation for light, reflection, and patterns.

Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

Create a beautiful bouquet of flowers using egg cartons and paint. This fun craft teaches kids about recycling and art in one project.

Painted Rock Garden Markers

Paint rocks to use as garden markers for herbs, vegetables, or flowers. This practical craft adds a decorative element to any garden.

DIY Bird Feeder

Creating a bird feeder is a fun and eco-friendly project that supports local wildlife. Hollow out orange halves, fill them with birdseed and hang them outside for birds to enjoy.

Endless Possibilities

These are just some examples of fun and creative crafts for kids. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using imagination and everyday materials to create something unique and enjoyable. Encourage your child’s creativity with these crafts, or come up with your own ideas for even more fun and personalized projects. The only limit is your imagination!  So gather some supplies, get creative, and have fun crafting with your kids!

Fun activities to do at home with kindergarteners

When keeping kindergarteners entertained at home, it’s essential to have a variety of fun activities on hand. These activities not only keep young minds engaged but also promote learning and development through play. From arts and crafts projects to interactive games and simple science experiments, there are countless ways to create an exciting and educational environment right in your living room.

 Fun and Engaging Outdoor Activities for Kids

  1. Trash to Treasure Craft Project: Turn recyclables into a fun and creative craft project. Gather items like cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and cans, and let kids build their own robots, cars, or castles. This activity not only encourages creativity but also teaches the importance of recycling.
  1. Firefly Catching Quest: During warm summer nights, take the kids on a quest to catch fireflies. Equip them with jars (with holes poked in the lids for air) and watch as their eyes light up with wonder at the glowing insects. It’s a magical outdoor activity that’s perfect for kids.
  1. Tree Climbing Adventure: Let children explore nature from a new perspective by climbing trees. This outdoor activity for kids provides physical exercise and helps improve their coordination and confidence.
  1. Leaf Collection and Identification Game: In the fall, take kids on a nature walk to collect different kinds of leaves. Back home, use a leaf identification guide to learn about the trees they came from. It’s a fantastic game that combines outdoor exploration with educational fun.
  1. Sidewalk Chalk Art: Give children sidewalk chalk and let them turn the driveway or sidewalk into their canvas. From hopscotch games to creative drawings, this craft project allows kids to express their creativity while playing outside.
  1. Backyard Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt list and send the kids off on a quest in the backyard or local park. Items to find can include a feather, an acorn, a specific type of leaf, and a shiny rock. It’s a great game that keeps them entertained and moving.
  2. Building Birdhouses from Recyclables: Use old milk cartons, plastic bottles, or wood scraps to craft birdhouses. This project not only engages kids in a fun building activity but also attracts birds, adding to their outdoor experience.
  1. Butterfly Watching and Drawing: Equip kids with a butterfly identification guide and coloring book. Let them observe butterflies in their natural habitat and then draw and color their favorite sightings.
  1. Eco-friendly Water Balloon Fight: On hot days, organize a water balloon fight using biodegradable balloons. It’s a refreshing outdoor game that combines physical activity with lots of laughter and fun.
  1. Rock Painting: Collect smooth stones and provide paint and brushes. Let kids unleash their creativity by painting designs, animals, or patterns on the rocks. This craft project can also include hiding the painted stones around the neighborhood for others to find.

These outdoor activities for kids incorporate elements of craft projects, games, and quests, ensuring they are both fun and educational.

Importance of Engaging Kids in Fun and Stimulating Activities

Engaging children in fun and stimulating activities is crucial for their overall development. Such activities provide a foundation for learning new skills, fostering creativity, and enhancing social interactions.

 When kids participate in enjoyable and enriching experiences, they are more likely to develop a love for learning, critical thinking abilities, and a sense of curiosity that can drive their academic and personal growth.

 Additionally, these activities help to build self-confidence and resilience, as children navigate challenges and successes in a supportive environment. 

Ultimately, keeping children engaged in diverse, stimulating pursuits contributes significantly to their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Indoor Activities for Kids

When it comes to keeping kids entertained indoors, the possibilities are endless. Here’s a list of creative and fun indoor activities for kids, each explained to help you get started.

  1. Creating a Dragon from a Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Roll: This craft allows kids to use their imagination as they transform simple rolls into majestic dragons using markers, paint, and other decorative materials.
  2. Painting in a Bag: For mess-free creativity, place dollops of paint inside a sealed plastic bag. Kids can use their fingers to mix and create patterns, enjoying the sensation without the cleanup.
  3. Making a Pom-Pom Wall: This activity involves sticking pom-poms to a wall covered in painter’s tape or Velcro dots, allowing kids to create various designs and patterns, fostering creativity and fine motor skills.
  4. Using LEGO Letter Mats to Learn the Alphabet: By building letters with LEGO bricks on mats printed with the alphabet, kids can develop both their literacy and fine motor skills.
  5. Making a Funny Face Flip Book: This activity involves drawing different facial expressions on pieces of paper that can be flipped to create unique and humorous combinations, encouraging kids’ artistic abilities and sense of humor.
  6. Playing Skee Ball with Laundry Baskets: Set up laundry baskets at different distances and have kids throw softballs or rolled-up socks into them. Assign points for each basket to encourage friendly competition and coordination.
  7. Creating Colorful Window Art: Using washable window markers or special window clings, kids can draw and decorate windows, making their own temporary masterpieces visible from inside and outside the house.
  8. Having a Pom-Pom Race: Place pom-poms on a flat surface and have kids blow through straws to race them across the finish line. This activity is great for developing oral motor skills and coordination.
  9. Playing Balloon Toss with Fly Swatters: Use fly swatters to bat a balloon back and forth, keeping it off the ground. This game adds an element of physical exercise while being easy and safe to play indoors.
  10. Making a Ring Toss Game with Paper Plates: Cut the centers out of paper plates to create rings, and toss them onto a stick or bottle. This simple game helps improve hand-eye coordination and provides endless fun.
  11. Playing a Nerf Target Game: Set up targets around a room, and use Nerf guns to hit them. Assign points to different targets for an engaging and competitive activity that develops aim and focus.

These indoor activities are not only entertaining but also relevant to kids’ development, making education and fun go hand in hand.

Indoor play offers numerous benefits for kindergarteners, contributing significantly to their overall development. One of the primary advantages is the enhancement of social skills. When children engage in indoor play, they learn to share, take turns, and cooperate with one another, which are essential social skills. Additionally, indoor play provides ample cognitive stimulation. Activities such as puzzles, storytelling, and educational games stimulate young minds, helping to improve problem-solving abilities and creativity.

  • Increased Focus: Engaging in indoor activities, such as building blocks or board games, requires concentration and attention to detail, helping children develop better focus and patience.
  • Boosted Confidence: Successfully completing a task or game promotes a sense of accomplishment and builds confidence in young learners.
  • Emotional Regulation: Indoor play offers a safe environment for children to express and manage their emotions. Through imaginative play or structured games, they learn to navigate feelings such as frustration, excitement, and empathy.

It is crucial to provide a variety of indoor recess games and activities to keep kindergarteners physically active and engaged. Options like obstacle courses, dance parties, and creative arts encourage movement and ensure that children remain active, even indoors. By offering diverse indoor play options, educators and parents can support the development of physical skills, such as coordination and balance, while also fostering a love for learning and play.


In conclusion, the kindergarten activities from Busy Toddler offer a versatile and enriching resource for nurturing young minds. These activities are not only designed to be fun but also to facilitate essential learning and development in kindergartners. By incorporating these hands-on projects and educational games into your daily routine, you can make the learning process enjoyable and impactful.

Whether you are a parent looking to add some structured activities to your child’s day or an educator seeking fresh ideas for your classroom, this collection is a valuable tool to support and inspire the vibrant curiosity of young learners.

Dive into these activities and watch as they spark imagination, encourage exploration, and build foundational skills that will benefit children for years to come.


What are unique activities for kindergarten?

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: Children search for specific items, such as leaves, rocks, or flowers, promoting physical activity and ecological awareness.
  • Story Stones: Painted stones depicting characters or events that children can use to build their own narratives, fostering imagination and language skills.
  • Sensory Bins: Bins filled with various textures like sand, rice, or beans to support tactile exploration and fine motor skills.
  • Yoga for Kids: Fun yoga sessions to help youngsters learn balance, flexibility, and relaxation techniques.

What are educational activities for kids?

Educational activities for kids are designed to make learning enjoyable and engaging while developing various skills. These activities often combine play with educational content to help children absorb information more effectively. Examples include:

  1. Reading and Storytelling: Encourages literacy and imagination.
  2. Puzzle and Board Games: Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  3. Arts and Crafts: Enhances creativity and fine motor skills.
  4. Science Experiments: Introduces basic scientific principles through hands-on learning.
  5. Math Games: Helps improve numeracy skills through fun challenges.
  6. Outdoor Exploration: Promotes physical activity and environmental awareness.
  7. Music and Dance: Fosters rhythm, coordination, and cultural appreciation.

These activities not only support academic growth but also contribute to a child’s social and emotional development.

What are hands-on activities for kindergarten?

Hands-on activities for kindergarten are essential for young children’s development as they provide opportunities for active learning through tactile and sensory experiences. Some effective hands-on activities include:

  1. Playdough Modelling: Encourages creativity and fine motor skills as children shape and mold different figures.
  2. Sensory Bins: Fill containers with materials like rice, beans, sand, or water to let children explore textures and practice scooping and pouring.
  3. Building Blocks: Develops spatial awareness and problem-solving skills while allowing children to construct various structures.
  4. Art Projects: Activities such as painting, coloring, and cutting help enhance artistic expression and hand-eye coordination.
  5. Gardening: Simple tasks like planting seeds and watering plants teach children about nature and responsibility while engaging their senses.

These activities promote cognitive and physical development by allowing children to learn through direct experience and play.

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