Best Craft Storage Ideas for All Crafters

Every crafter knows the feeling of being overwhelmed by an ever-growing collection of materials and tools. As your passion for creating beautiful things develops, so does the pile of ribbons, papers, brushes, and beads. Often, this accumulation transforms your crafting oasis into a chaotic jumble, making it hard to find what you need and stifling your creative flow.

Thankfully, the solution to this tangled mess of supplies is simpler than you might think. With the right craft storage ideas, you can organize your space efficiently, ensuring that every glitter tube and fabric scrap has a home, and that inspiration is never dampened by disorder.

Don’t let disorganization put a damper on your crafting. Dive into our curated list of the 35 best craft storage ideas that will revitalize your space and reignite your creative spark. Keep reading to uncover the secrets to a perfectly organized craft haven that every crafter dreams of. 

Modular Shelving Units

  • Flexibility for Various Crafts

Modular shelving units are tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of crafters. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of crafts, from scrapbooking to woodworking. The ability to configure the shelves based on the size and dimensions of different materials and tools makes them an incredibly versatile option.

  • Customizable Layouts

With their customizable layouts, these shelving units empower crafters to design their storage solutions according to specific project requirements. This feature allows for the optimization of space and the creation of a more organized and productive crafting area. The personalization aspect not only provides functional benefits but also allows crafters to reflect their style in their workspace.

 Pegboard Organizing System

  • Customizable Layouts: The pegboard system allows crafters to arrange hooks and shelves in an infinite array of patterns, catering to the specific needs and workflows of the individual.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Tools, craft supplies, and accessories can be hung at eye level, enabling quick identification and retrieval, which streamlines any creative project.
  • Space-Efficient: By utilizing wall space, pegboards free up work surfaces and drawers, giving crafters more room to operate and organize.
  • Versatile Use: Beyond standard crafting tools, pegboards are ideal for holding spools of thread, stencils, tapes, and even small paint containers, thanks to the wide variety of accessories designed for pegboard use.

Over-the-Door Organizers

  • Vertical Space Utilization: These organizers take advantage of the often unused space on the back of doors, allowing crafters to hang supplies vertically.
  • Ideal for Small Spaces: Over-the-door solutions are perfect for those with limited crafting areas as they don’t occupy precious floor or desk space.

Drawer Divider Inserts

  • Tidy Compartmentalization: Drawer divider inserts allow crafters to create distinct sections within drawers for different categories of supplies. This helps maintain a clean and organized space, making it easier to find items when needed and to keep track of inventory.
  • Easy to Categorize Small Items: With various sizes and shapes of compartments, these dividers are perfect for categorizing small crafting materials like beads, clasps, and buttons, ensuring they’re separated and easy to access without sifting through a jumbled mess.

Wall-Mounted Bins

Taking up no counter space at all, wall-mounted bins provide a neat, off-the-counter approach to craft storage. They can be installed at any height, making them easily accessible while also keeping your workspace clear and uncluttered. The see-through options enhance visibility, so crafters can quickly spot the items they need without rummaging through drawers or boxes. This storage solution is ideal for organizing items by project, type, or color, and it can adapt to fit any crafting space, whether it’s a small corner in a room or a dedicated workshop.

 Labeling System

  • Quick Identification: 

A well-implemented labeling system can transform the efficiency of any craft space. By using clear, descriptive labels, crafters can immediately locate the items they need without rummaging through every drawer or box.

  • Efficient Retrieval: 

This system saves valuable time during the creative process. With a simple glance, artists can retrieve their materials and get back to the task at hand, maintaining their creative flow and productivity.

Battery Organizer Cases

Staying powered up is never a problem when you can quickly find the right battery for the job. Battery organizer cases streamline the chaos of loose batteries rolling in drawers. With these cases, every size, from tiny button cells to hefty D batteries, has a snug nook. By keeping them sorted, you not only prevent the typical jumble but you also reduce the risk of dangerous leaks that can occur when battery types are mixed. The clear lids on many organizers mean you can scan your inventory with a glance, ensuring you’re never caught without the power you need for your tools or gadgets.

  • Keeps Power Sources Sorted: Effortlessly sort your batteries by size and type for quick retrieval.
  • Prevents Leakage and Mixing Types: Safely store batteries to avoid damage from corrosion or leakage, while ensuring the integrity of each type.

Vertical File Folders

Keeping your crafting vinyl and stencils in good condition can be quite a challenge, especially when dealing with limited desk and shelf space. Vertical file folders come to the rescue, offering a sleek organizing solution that not only preserves but also tidily displays your materials. This upright storage method keeps vinyl and stencils easily accessible and protected from bends or wrinkles, which can be critical for the integrity of your projects. By tapping into often underutilized vertical space, these folders save precious room on desks and shelves for other essential crafting tools and materials.

Specialty Craft Furniture

Specialty craft furniture is the cornerstone of any dedicated crafting space, made to accommodate the unique needs of passionate makers and artists. These investment pieces range from crafting tables with ample surface area and built-in storage nooks, to specialized easels, and cabinetry tailored for specific materials like fabric bolts or paper rolls. Serious crafters choose this furniture not only for its functional benefits but also for its ability to transform a room into an inspiring studio, encouraging creativity and aiding in efficient project workflow. Opting for such specialized furniture reflects a commitment to one’s craft, underlining the importance of having a designated space that both organizes and stimulates one’s artistic pursuits.

Soft Storage Bins

  • Foldable When Not Needed: These collapsible bins are a perfect solution for crafters who need to clear space quickly or who have limited storage capacity. When not in use, they can be folded flat, making them ideal for slipping into small spaces or for transporting to various crafting locations.
  • Lightweight and Versatile: Crafted from soft materials, these bins are easy to move around and can adapt to a variety of storage needs. Whether for housing fabric scraps, holding patterns, or corralling yarn, their versatility makes them an essential addition to any crafter’s storage arsenal.


In conclusion, crafting should be a source of joy and creativity, not frustration stemming from disarray. By adopting these inventive and highly efficient craft storage solutions, every crafter can transform their workspace from a chaotic clutter into an organized oasis.

Whether leveraging modular systems for dynamic crafting needs or employing the sleekness of vertical storage solutions, these ideas are sure to enhance the crafting experience. Remember to personalize your space to not only make it functional but also a true reflection of your creative spirit.

With the tips and tricks we’ve explored, your newly organized craft area will not only spark joy but also inspire your next masterpiece.


Q: What are the best storage solutions for a small crafting space?

A: Utilizing vertical space with shelves and pegboards, using over-the-door organizers, and opting for foldable or multipurpose furniture can be game-changers for small crafting areas.

Q: How can I store my craft supplies in a way that makes them easy to find?

A: Transparent storage boxes, labeled drawers, and open shelving are excellent for visibility. Additionally, organizing supplies by type, color, or project can streamline the finding process.

Q: What is an affordable craft storage option?

A: Repurposing household items like jars for small embellishments, shoe boxes for various materials, and spice racks for paint bottles are budget-friendly and effective craft storage hacks.

Q: Are there portable storage solutions for crafters who travel?

A: Yes, portable craft caddies, rolling carts, and travel-themed organizers are specially designed for crafters on the go to keep their supplies organized and easily accessible.

Q: How do I store large crafting tools and machines?

A: Large, flat items like cutting mats can be stored under sofas or beds, while machines like sewing machines should be covered and placed on sturdy tables or shelves when not in use.

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